These are the 5 best accessories for iPhone 15 (Pro)

These are the 5 best accessories for iPhone 15 (Pro)

The iPhone 15 (Pro) is a great phone. But as with any smartphone, you can increase the fun with the right accessories. Below you'll find our 5 favorite accessories you can get for your iPhone 15.

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5 accessories for iPhone 15

Whether you want to protect your iPhone 15 (Pro), extend its functionality, or simply get the most out of your device: you can do this by purchasing some accessories. Below we highlight five useful accessories if you have an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro.

1. Red elite

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The iPhone 15 (Pro) is a stylish phone, so a stylish case is in order. As far as we're concerned, nothing beats real leather and we're excited about Rosso Elite. This leather bookcase not only looks stylish, but also has an added function.

When you open the wallet, you have room for three cards. The additional fold also allows the iPhone to be placed as a stand on a table: ideal for watching videos. It also has a magnetic ring for MagSafe and you can choose leather in black, tan, or brown. You can read more about our findings in our Rosso Elite review.

2. Buddy 2 CarPlay adapter

The Buddi 2 CarPlay is a popular adapter that allows you to wirelessly connect your iPhone 15 to your car. This way you can use Apple CarPlay in your car without having to connect your device to a cable every time. You can plug the CarPlay adapter into your car's USB port and it's easy to install. This way, you always have quick access to many iPhone apps, such as Maps, Music, and Podcasts. Also check out our Buddi Play 2 review.

3. Nillkin screen protector

The iPhone 15 has a beautiful display – and you want to keep it that way. Even though the device is equipped with a sturdy ceramic shield, it is almost inevitable that some (small) scratches will appear. With the Nillkin screen protector, your iPhone 15 has very good protection against scratches and cracks, and the special coating prevents dirt from appearing on the screen. It's also thin (0.33mm) and lets in plenty of light, so you'll barely notice there's a screen protector on your iPhone's screen.

4. Duzonna T3 Adapter

Your iPhone 15 can fast charge at over 20W, but you need a charging station that supports that. Apple's original 20W USB-C adapter costs €25, but there are cheaper alternatives.

For example, Dozona T3. The adapter costs ten euros less, but charges your iPhone 15 just as quickly. This way your battery will be full again in no time. Also nice: when your device reaches 80 percent charge, the charging block turns on the so-called Trickle shipping. This prevents overcharging and unnecessary damage to your iPhone battery.

5. Magnetic wireless charger

Whether at your desk or in the bedroom: In places where you regularly charge your iPhone, nothing beats MagSafe. The MagSafe charger has a magnetic function, so the iPhone 15 clicks to it magnetically. This is much more convenient than plugging in a USB-C cable.

You need a MagSafe charger for that. Apple version costs Five tensBut there are alternatives. Mobilize's MagSafe charger (€19.95) for example. It charges just as fast (15W) and ensures the iPhone 15 stays in place too. The cable is included, but you still need a charging block.

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