“Lightning” returns: The Vision Pro's battery has a strange plug

“Lightning” returns: The Vision Pro's battery has a strange plug

Apple just got rid of Lightning, but the Apple Vision Pro's battery has a plug that looks very familiar…

The iPhone 15 line switched to USB-C last year, the AirPods Pro followed suit, and with the exception of a few accessories, Apple has now fully switched to the preferred connectivity in the EU. You can also charge the Apple Vision Pro battery via the USB-C port on the battery pack.

But what's hidden there at the end of the wire between the glasses and the battery? One end of the cord has a connector for the Vision Pro, while the other end is connected to the battery. At least, there's a hole next to it, a technical reviewer Ray Wong I decided to put a SIM card in it. Fall: The wire is disconnected and we see a kind of telegraphic connection, but on a larger scale.

Why not USB-C?

They can join The Verge too Don't hold back And I tried the same thing: sure enough, some kind of lightning appeared. This wide plug has 12 conductors on both sides, where the well-known Lightning connector has 8 conductor strips on the plug. USB-C also has 24 connectors in total, so it will technically be capable.

It's not clear why Apple chose this connector, but the Vision Pro has likely been in development for years: this may be on hold. Moreover, this is not a charging cable, but a connector that you as a regular user would never see at all. Additional batteries for the Vision Pro are sold with their own cable, and charge via the built-in USB-C port.

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