There is still a gap for the lionesses to close after defeating world champion VS |  Dutch football

There is still a gap for the lionesses to close after defeating world champion VS | Dutch football

At the level of the United States, the leading nation in women’s soccer in the world. This is where Orange wants to go. As the final goal of the development that began in the Dutch language for many years. And with success. Every year a little better is the team that became European champions in 2017 under the leadership of successful coach Sarina Wegmann. And last year there was of course a World Cup Final against tonight’s opponent. There at Lyon, the Netherlands had no chance against the fit-for-nothing American players.

That is why the main question was what the Netherlands could do against the United States now. The competition is organized for practice only. America has not played for 261 days (!) Due to the Corona crisis. Although this did not seem to have faced much of a problem for the coached team. Compared to the World Cup Final, there was none other than the superstar Megan Rapinoe. That other Alex Morgan noticeable came after the break. The American star became a mother six months ago and stepped off the players bus with her daughter in her arm before the match.

America’s Championships benchmark: ‘They are farther than they were at the World Cup’

In any case, the answer to the question: What can the Netherlands do? The big picture was similar to the last World Title meeting. America imposed, and Orange did a little more. But the big opportunities? No, it didn’t go that far. A big shift compared to the matches the Netherlands usually plays. For example, qualifying for the European Championship 2022 in England was like a walk in the park. The last game in that series against Kosovo awaits Tuesday. It is undoubtedly a guarantee of objectives as is always the case against those weak states. So qualification for the European Championship has already been received for a long time.

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In this way, the match against the United States was the first day of preparations for the postponed Olympic Games for which Orange qualified for the first time in history. To perform there, Orange, which is already ranked fourth in the world, has to take a step further. So competitions like this are definitely beneficial. The mud shape certainly did not strike the Orange. This is how Assistant Coach Arjan Ferenc saw, too. He was once responsible because Wegman was absent due to family circumstances.

“More on the ball than it was in the World Cup Final”

The result was similar to what happened during the World Cup final they lost in the summer of 2019, and the match picture was very similar. “It was a completely different match in terms of pressure and atmosphere,” said striker Jill Rourd. “We played football every now and then, but we still produced very little. I think we were more on the ball than we were in the World Cup Final. I think this was a really good test game to see where we are. I think now we started preparing for the Olympics and now we have to We are growing again to look better by then when we face the United States. We still have some time left, but there is still something to be done. “

Midfielder Jackie Groen saw some bright spots. “If we were at the ball, we showed some football, I think. If we could open the game from one side to the other, there would be a lot of space. She said“ It should just be faster. ”Is the gap with America narrowing? Difficult to answer that now. I think we should take a closer look at what weren’t right yet. Then we can work on that. “

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Arjan Ferenc, who replaced Sarina Wiegmann as national coach, found the show match beneficial despite the difference in strength. “We got a pretty good idea of ​​who we are now and what aspects we need to develop further in order to be able to conquer America.”

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