Who are the Dutch who will participate in the Olympic Games on July 21?

Who are the Dutch who will participate in the Olympic Games on July 21?

Somewhat strange question about the Olympics perhaps the headline at the top of this article? There in Tokyo the opening ceremony is not until Friday? This is correct. But: the orange lionesses are actually entering tomorrow’s Olympic Football Tournament.

After the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, metro Every evening Dutch athletes participate in the next day and at any time. All matches – Dutch times – take place at night and during the day. There is no live Olympic sport on Dutch TV in the evening. Then they lie comfortably on one ear in Japan.

13:00: Orange Lionesses – Zambia

Until the opening ceremony, no Dutch Olympians from TeamNL will be featured at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Only footballers orange led by national coach Sarina Wegmann. Weigman will say goodbye after the tournament. While the Dutch women water polo will only arrive at the Olympic Village on Wednesday, the lionesses have already begun. This does not happen in Tokyo by the way, but about 400 kilometers away. The Netherlands will meet low-flying Zambia at 1 pm. If all goes well, orange lionesses can work on the goal difference.

Unfortunately, that would have to happen without the international record holder Sherida Spits. She injured her knee on Monday and will be returning to the Netherlands. Later, the Orange team will meet Brazil and China. Numbers 1 and 2 from the group qualify for the quarter-finals.

Choice of orange lionesses

With these names, the Dutch soccer team, which became European champions in 2017, is headed for gold. Linneth Berenstein, Meryl van Dongen, Danielle van de Donk, Kika van S, CSKA Volkertsma, Stephanie van der Gragget, Jackie Gronin, Dominic Jansen, Liz Cobb, Lake Martins, Vivian Midema, Annick Nouen, Victoria Belova, Gilles Rurd, Shanice van De Sanden, Joel Smits (to replace Sherida Spetses), Sari van Vindal and Lyn Willems.

Are there more sports in Tokyo?

Several women’s soccer matches will kick off on Wednesday, July 21st during the Tokyo Olympics. It is about Great Britain – Chile, China – Brazil, Sweden – America, Japan – Canada and Australia beats “neighbor” New Zealand. The first men’s soccer to play on Thursday.

Women will also play softball on Wednesday. But Orange is not involved in that. Do you really want to watch it all? The softball crusher (?) Canada – Mexico starts at 8.00. But most Dutch TVs won’t turn on for that. Many domestic workers will do so at 1 p.m. when the orange lionesses begin their Olympic adventure in Japan.

TeamNL has its own website for all the latest team news. who – which find you here.

This is the trailer for Disney’s Feyenoord documentary (with Stephen Berghese)

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Which Dutch will play in the Olympics on Wednesday, July 21?

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