Study: “Systematic Sexual Abuse and Abuse in American Women’s Football” |  sports

Study: “Systematic Sexual Abuse and Abuse in American Women’s Football” | sports

At the top of American women’s football, abuse and misconduct have become “systematic.” This is the result of an independent investigation conducted a year later through the magazine the athlete It turns out that North Carolina coach Paul Riley sexually assaulted two players.

Sinead Farrelly (31) and Meliana Shim (30) They told their story of abuse by Riley. After more footballers came out with misconduct, the NFL decided to open an investigation. The union released its results on Monday and immediately announced reforms. Last year, shortly after it was published in the athleteLisa Bird had already resigned as president of the NWSL, the premier league for soccer players in the United States.

“Our investigation uncovered a competition in which verbal and emotional abuse and sexual misconduct has become systematic across teams and coaches,” states the report by acclaimed attorney and former attorney general Sally Q-Yates jointly with the law firm King & Spalding.

Paul Riley, archive photo. © AP

US Soccer President Cindy Barlow-Cohn described the results as “extremely heartbreaking and disturbing”. Her organization is opening an agency to oversee the safety of players. There will also be a central database detailing people against whom disciplinary measures have been taken.

The NWSL was also quick to report the results. The Premier League is already conducting an investigation into the players organisation. “We appreciate the cooperation of our players, staff and stakeholders in both investigations, especially during the current season,” the league said in a statement. “We are aware of the fear and mental stress that these ongoing investigations have caused and the trauma that many – including players and staff – have to live with.”

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