The United States is investigating UFOs

For the first time in 50 years, the US government is talking about UFOs. What does this mean for science?

Although this is often laughed at, many still believe that aliens are constantly watching over us. Last Tuesday was an important day for this group. The U.S. government then organized an investigation into the UFOs, following a Report It explores 140 weird scenes that came out last year.

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Alien life

These cases represent a potential security risk for the authorities involved. If they do not know what they are looking at, they do not know if it is dangerous. So they do not search much for extraterrestrial life, but they want to find out what they are dealing with. UFOs often arise from mere drones or malfunctions in their measuring instruments. For example, one of the UFOs in the report was later identified as a broken weather balloon.

So the United States is ready to talk seriously about this again, and that’s stirring up a lot within science. For example, said Jacob Hugh-Misra, a researcher at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. Business Insider He wants the government to involve scientists: “If we want to better understand UFOs, transparency is needed.”


There is a huge stigma around UFOs. Anyone who talks about this will soon be accused of spreading conspiracy theories, especially if you are a scientist. Hugh Misra believes it is important for the US government to remain open. Now the scenes are mainly based on eyewitnesses. By engaging in science, you will get difficult measurements. If so, you can more confidently say what is really going on and resist conspiracy thinking. The general public can also see how science handles the unknown.

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So we will learn a lot more about UFOs in the future, however none of the green men will visit.

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Image: Pixabay / Peter-Lomas

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