Netflix hits record with 'Seat of Carport of America'

Netflix hits record with ‘Seat of Carport of America’

Netflix had another big hit with a documentary that was a while ago. Our father Currently the most streamlined documentary and one of the most watched topics worldwide. John Garbath is about a doctor.

You know, that fertility doctor traded donor sperm for his own seed and secretly scattered dozens of offspring around the world. The documentary is about that Seed of carp Made, more about this later in this article. But America, of course, has its own version called Dr. Donald Kline. He starred in the documentary by actor Keith Boyle. The victims are real people.

Out Father, the new hit documentary on Netflix

The real storyline of the Netflix original Our father Not much different from the Dutch documentary Seed of carpபா A woman named Jacoba Ballard has DNA testing at home and has had several siblings and half-sisters.

Their father was a once famous fertility doctor Donald Klein. Difference with John Garbott: American Physician Still aliveகுழந்தைகள் Doctor’s children are trying to sue, but the US legal system does not really know what to do with it.

The documentary was a worldwide success

The Netflix documentary was released on Netflix on May 11, 2022, and has been a global success ever since. In virtually all countries Our father In the top 10 most viewed topics from the Netherlands to Venezuela. Look at it Here Overview of the data website flixpatrol

Our Father, Document, Documentary, The Seed of Garbat, Hit, Jacoba Ballard
Jacoba Ballard in our father (Image: Netflix)

On Rotten tomatoes Netflix retrieves the original 74% In tomato meters, it is very high. “Simple, unbelievable and simply unbelievable,” he writes Defender“It’s all very scary. But the shocking fact is that there is no law against what Dr. Donald Klein did.” Movie Week

Seed of carp

In the Netherlands, the Netflix documentary is immediately reminiscent of a documentary Seed of carpThis Dutch fertility doctor secretly fertilized women with his own sperm. The audience was logical ShockedWatch the three-part documentary Here

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