Peters among technical staff;  Rick cost to USA |

Peters among technical staff; Rick cost to USA |

Ruben Peters, 29, will join Finnord 1’s performance team starting next season. Performance leader Rick Cast goes to the United States for a new challenge in American football. Peters, 29, comes from KRC Genk, where he worked as a physical trainer until the end of this season.

Peter Lee will co-create the performance team with Ecker. Eger has already worked as a rehab and physical trainer for the past two seasons at Finnord. Together they will be responsible for the physical condition and fitness of the players, and will act as a liaison between the first team’s medical, physical and football technical staff.

Ruben Peters

Peters holds a Masters in Physical Education and Movement Science from Kloven, specializing in football training and coaching. In 2015 he began working as a physical trainer at the KRC Jenkin Youth Academy, after which he joined the first team of the Belgian club a few years later.

Rick cost

Rick Cast, who has been working with Phenord 1’s bodyguards since early 2020, is a U.S. citizen. He will start as a high performance director in Soccer. The 40-year-old Cost joined the Finord Academy’s physical training coordinator in Finnord in 2016, after which he switched to the first exam at the beginning of last year.

Tennis van der Ree

The change in physical supervision is not the only change within the staff, which will take place next year under the leadership of new head coach Arne Slot. For example, Dennis van der Rey (42) recently signed on as a video analyst. F.C. Utrecht, N.A.C. Preda and S.C.

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