The United States is auctioning 0.7501 bitcoin for 000 9,000 more than the market price

The United States is auctioning 0.7501 bitcoin for 000 9,000 more than the market price

Update – The Public Service Administration of the United States (GSA) on Wednesday auctioned 0.7501 bitcoins above the market price of 000 9,000.

There were 31 bidders in total and the highest bidder was 53,104. This is 000 9,000 more than the current market price of 800 43,800, which is currently priced at 0.7501 BTC.

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The auction, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia, began on March 15 and ended on March 17 at 5:00 pm US time. Tomorrow (March 19) the auctioneer will pay for his bitcoin.

Bitcoin for sale

It is not clear where the government got this bitcoin and how they got it. It is also not clear why this is being auctioned off. Sales go through the GSA, which represents public service management. It is a government auction site that usually sells office supplies, furniture, vehicles, scientific equipment and heavy machinery.

What is known is that the initial bid for this bitcoin was set at $ 25,000. The auction will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, according to the GSA website. The auction starts at 5:00 pm local time on March 15 and closes exactly 48 hours later.

The winner of the auction is a “Confiscated Property Sales Certificate Form“Make sure he is not an employee of the judiciary and does not claim the right to bid on the person who has to surrender to Bitcoin.

There will be a “Bitcoin End Use Certificate” that requires the name of the auctioneer and the Social Security number. This includes the wallet’s address and other personal information. The full payment for 0.7501 Bitcoin must be made by bank transfer on March 19th.

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Other Auctions

This is not the first government auction to sell or want to sell bitcoin by any means. In late November, the Northern Ireland government did the same. However, at the time, it was the largest amount of 47.79 bitcoin. At market price at the time, it was more than $ 650,000.

In addition, the U.S. government has sold less than 185,000 bitcoins at various auctions of the United States Marshals Service over the past six years. Billionaire Tim Dropper bought more than 30,000 bitcoins during these auctions.

Last month, the Romanian government announced it would auction off an undisclosed amount of the confiscated PTC.

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