Conflict between Chinese and American diplomats during the summit

Conflict between Chinese and American diplomats during the summit

The meeting took place yesterday in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. There, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen met with Chinese High Commissioner Yang Jiechi and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Cyber ​​attacks and ‘economic coercion’

This is the first round of talks between the United States and China since Joe Biden became president. The conversation between Blingen and the Chinese delegation did not go smoothly.

Blingen said he was concerned about cyber-attacks on the United States. He also announced that he would like to talk about the situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan and China’s ‘economic coercion’ against US allies.

See some conflicts here:

Yang later accused the United States of interfering in domestic affairs. The Chinese ambassador said during the ten-minute statement. As for the United States, China thereby violated the protocol: Yang should not have spoken longer than the planned two minutes.

Share concerns

Prior to the summit, Blinken had already made it clear that he would like to share the meeting in Alica with his Chinese counterparts in “clear words.” The Biden government has made it clear that it will not avoid a confrontation with China.

‘No offers’

China has announced in advance that it will not make concessions on important issues. The Chinese Foreign Ministry called on Americans to engage in dialogue “honestly and constructively.”

“There is no room for compromise on issues related to China’s sovereignty, security and key interests,” a Chinese ministry spokesman said.

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