Fighting Russia - US leaves the hand

Fighting Russia – US leaves the hand

The fight between Russia and the United States is abandoned. Last night, Vladimir Putin recalled the Russian ambassador to the United States because Biden called Putin a ‘killer’. In the diplomatic world, this is considered a very difficult tool, says foreign commentator Bernard Hummelberg.

The Russians also say the ambassador recalled discussing with him how he could help get that bad relationship back on its feet, Hummelberg says. ‘That in turn is a signal that they are looking for a solution. So the Russians themselves use a very heavy tool, but they are turning it into their own ad to say that they want to try to calm things down and re-establish the relationship. ‘

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Pitton’s comment, in an interview with ABC, came as a surprise to many. In that interview, George Stephen asked if Biden thought Los Putin was a murderer, and Biden said yes. This is primarily Navalny’s assassination attempt and earlier. That means the Russians are developing chemical and biological weapons that are in violation of international agreements. ‘

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Hummelberg says the call is precisely to stop the production of those weapons that could provide a solution. ‘They may say that at some point they will stop or be checked internationally. It has a diplomatic purpose to do something with it. ‘Biden will extend sanctions. ‘They focus on people and companies as a whole, probably a list of people going to the US or a list of people with more expensive apartments.

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