Solar Magazine – USA records 19.2 GW peak solar panels

Solar Magazine – USA records 19.2 GW peak solar panels

Sales of solar panels in the United States peaked at 19.2 gigawatts, up 43 percent last year. The Association of Solar Energy Industries (SEIA) and Wood McKenzie report this.

This is the fifth year in a row that the United States has installed 10 GW peak solar panels in 1 year. The fourth quarter of 2020 recorded 8 gigawatts of new installations as the best quarter of the US solar industry.

Solar energy guides the dance
For the second year in a row, solar has led the dance: among all the technologies that have added new power generation capabilities, solar energy accounts for 43 percent.

According to Wood McKenzie’s 10-year forecast, the U.S. solar power industry will install 324 gigawatts of solar panels over the next decade, peaking total capacity at a peak of 419 gigawatts.

California, Texas and Florida
California, Texas and Florida are the 3 states with the most solar panels installed by 2020. Virginia installed 1 GW of peak solar panels for the first time in the last calendar year. By 2020, 27 states had installed more than 100 MW of solar panels, a record.

The residential solar energy market rose 11 percent to a high of 3.1 gigawatts. According to researchers, this growth may have been high, but the corona epidemic caused fewer citizens to install solar panels in the first half of 2020.

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