The sailors maintain their lead in the Olympic test event

The sailors maintain their lead in the Olympic test event

Baumeister finished second and fourth in the seventh and eighth races. By one score, she is 30 points ahead of Anne-Marie Rendom of Denmark and Maud Gayette of Switzerland.

“It was a flat day in terms of my results,” Baumeister said. “Almiral is always very tough and comes over an island here. It never feels comfortable here, there’s a lot of fighting. I don’t feel very dominant this week either. But I’m just consistent and that helps me through the week.”

Sailors Van Anholt and Deutz finished second, sixth and sixth. They lead by 28 points ahead of the American and Swedish boat.

“It was basically racing, and once we got the lead, we also thought there was no danger, survival,” said Van Aanholt of the strong winds of fog. “The first race was very tough. Straight down the island, strong winds with many twists. There were more options after that. Even more ups and downs. Impossible to do everything right. We’re still a little frustrated about it. Because we want to.”

Kitefoiler Annelous Lammerts qualified sixth as a semi-finalist in the medal series. You must win in order to qualify for the final. “I have to beat myself twice to get to the final,” she said. “Including Daniele Moroz, five-time world champion. I will give everything.”

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