The municipality of Amersfoort is again providing subsidies for sports and exercise

The municipality of Amersfoort is again providing subsidies for sports and exercise

Amersfoort Sports associations, residents and organizers can apply again starting today for additional funds to move more Amersfoorters. For example, by adapting the place of residence or organizing a sporting event. Sports and exercise support schemes have 540,000 euros available next year, the mayor and members of Amersfoort municipality decided on Tuesday.

In 2021, clubs and organizers were able to apply for subsidy from this support pot for the first time. According to the municipality, the schemes appear to be working. Subsidy has been given to 20 projects, such as the Obstaclerun 2021, Keistad Triathlon 2021 and the International Drafts Course. Fourteen sports federations received a subsidy so that they could invest, for example, in the purchase of rowing boats, shelters/rigs, soccer goals and kayaks.

Abnormal “Although Amersfoort is a very sporting city, exercise and sport are not self-explanatory or available to everyone,” says Municipal Sports Council member Roald van der Linde. For example due to physical limitations. Sometimes a simple tweak to sharing can help. This scholarship helps with that. And of course also as motivation to make sports ideas a reality.”

wide range In order to make sport and exercise available to everyone in Amersfoort, the municipality encourages more activities in neighborhoods where everyone can participate. Therefore, in support schemes, clear attention is drawn to a wide range of activities, physically accessible activities and accommodations.

270,000 EUR For 2022, 270,000 euros are available for activities and investments. The amount of annual support available depends on the budget set by the municipality each year.

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Subsidies can be made for activities, such as events or a new sports show, and investments, such as adapting sports accommodations so that they can be used extensively or to purchase sports equipment.

There is a separate list of activities and investments. The regulations can be found and explained at Municipality website.

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