How Hockey5s will soon become a sport that will be played all over the world

It is also called “sports and sports” for traditional sports. Football, hockey and tennis as we know them are facing new trends and developments. In the end, these sports are practiced in a different way. Will traditional hockey change into the new “hockey 5” and be played worldwide?

In football we know that we are football. In tennis we see the sport of paddling develop more and more and in hockey we had to deal with Unihockey. Soon 5s hockey will become a sport that will be played internationally.


In non-Western, but also Western countries, we see more and more children playing soccer or hockey in the schoolyard or in the park. They challenge each other in two positions against two situations. Arranging a traditional eleven against eleven hockey or soccer games is difficult in some countries, because there are very few financial and/or organizational resources available to make this possible. Here we see the old sport of “de-sport” and eventually “de-sport” into a new sport.

Hockey5s will soon be played all over the world


In hockey, we already know a different genre that in a short time has developed into a sport that is played in many countries. Unihockey is a sport now played all over the world (74 countries). The great game is a mixture of hockey and ice hockey. Despite the fact that the sport was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as an official sport, the sport was never played at the Olympics.

Change must come

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has a total of 138 member states. Despite this large number of countries, according to the International Olympic Committee, there are very few people who actually practice this sport. In countries such as India, Pakistan, Germany and the Netherlands, the sport is still very popular. However, there are many countries where it is not practiced adequately.

hockey 5 sec

With the advent of hockey 5s, it seems that FIFA wants to address the problem of low active participation. As the sport is more accessible than hockey, the International Football Association Board (FIH) hopes to make its mark in Africa and South America, for example. The new sport will feature speed, actions, and a ton of goals. In addition, you should only exercise with five people. In July 2022, the sport will truly be in the spotlight for the first time. In the Eurohockey 5s, the Netherlands will participate with fifteen other countries.


A number of Dutch clubs seized the opportunity last year to build a tennis court. Clubs tried to get additional financial support. The padel pitches have been rented and the empty hockey fields are still in use. At the moment it is also possible as a club to purchase materials for hockey pitch 5s. By purchasing the Ascension System, members can learn about a new sport of hockey 5s in a low-threshold fashion, which we hope will be practiced worldwide within a few years.

Are you intrigued by hockey5s and want to play on your own? Fikagear has everything to start playing hockey5s. Discover me hereThere about the sport.

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