The Man Who Shot US President Reagan Without Surveillance

The Man Who Shot US President Reagan Without Surveillance

The man who shot US President Ronald Reagan in 1981, John Hinckley, will not be under court supervision from June next year. The man was already chest From a psychiatric hospital.

“Had it not been for the president who was trying to kill him, he would have been released unconditionally long ago,” the judge said. Hinckley, 66, has no symptoms of mental illness or aggressive behavior. The judge also concluded that he was no longer interested in guns.

The US Department of Justice wants to keep the man under surveillance for another nine months due to two recent important developments in his life. For example, he was recently living alone for the first time in forty years and one of his therapists retired. Until next June, Hinckley will be under the supervision of therapists and his freedom of movement will be restricted.

The president sustained a punctured lung in the attack. A White House employee was shot in the head and partially paralyzed.

Jodie Foster’s Obsession

Hinckley shot Reagan to impress actress Jodie Foster, who made him obsessed with the movie taxi driver. Hinckley was declared completely insane and was never convicted of the attack.

Hinckley shot Reagan in front of the Hilton in Washington, DC:

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