People are stuck for hours in the sweltering Thales for the second time this week |  Currently

People are stuck for hours in the sweltering Thales for the second time this week | Currently

For the second time this week, train passengers were trapped for hours in a stranded Thales with air conditioning out of service. Local French media reported that at least three people had contracted the disease. After waiting for nearly three hours on the high-speed train, about 270 passengers were able to continue their journey on a new train.

The Talise stopped between Disneyland Paris and Amsterdam on Sunday at around 5 p.m. for unknown reasons along a stretch of track in the French province of La Somme. Because of the power outage, the air conditioning was cut off.

On Twitter, travelers complained that the weather was too hot on the train and that they feared people would become unwell. The train was evacuated more than two hours later. Passengers were allowed to wait outside, where the temperature was still above 30 degrees, for an alternative train from Paris.

According to the French method Courier Piccard Three people fell ill. An air ambulance also arrived, but no one needed to be taken to hospital. The French railway company SCNF distributed water bottles to the victims. It was reported that the train was mostly Dutch, Belgian and French.

A new train arrived around 9pm and passengers were able to continue their journey.

Window of a train stranded in Paris smashed

This is the second time in a week that people have been trapped for hours in the stranded Thales district. The same thing happened on Tuesday at Gare du Nord in Paris. It got so hot in the booths that travelers smashed the window. Then people on the sidewalks threw water bottles into the train through the broken window.

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Since the train could not leave, the passengers had to look for an overnight in Paris. Because of the large crowds in hotels, two hundred passengers had to spend the night on the train. Blankets, pillows, food and drink were distributed there. The train was still able to leave Paris on Wednesday morning.

The interruption resulted from the heat in France.

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