The Last of Us – seizoen 1 4K – Filmdomein

The Last of Us – seizoen 1 4K – Filmdomein

In 2003, a mutant fungal infection causes a global pandemic, turning humans into ruthless monsters called “infected”. As the fungus spreads, Joel flees their home in Texas with his daughter Sarah and brother. Twenty years later, hardcore Joel is living in the Quarantine Zone, hired by the Fireflies, a group of freedom fighters, to smuggle fourteen-year-old Ellie out of the tyrannical zone in exchange for supplies and weapons. What should be a simple act on paper quickly takes a turn for the worse when it is discovered that Ellie is immune to infection. Together, Joe and Ellie embark on a ruthless and heartbreaking journey across the post-apocalyptic United States, where they can only protect each other.

When The Last of Us was released on June 14, 2013, it received almost exclusively positive reviews. The game was praised for its engaging story, acting, and emotional depth. The game was also a commercial success. In fact, it was the fastest selling Playstation 3 game of 2013 at the time, selling over 7 million units worldwide. Barely a year later, it was announced that the game would be made into a movie, with the screenplay written by Neil Druckmann. However, it didn’t come to that. When writer-director Craig Mazin, the man behind the hit HBO series Chernobyl, was approached by PlayStation Productions in 2018, he was disappointed to learn that there were plans to turn the game into a movie. He felt The Last of Us would be better for a TV series in terms of length and pacing. The idea quickly gained acclaim, and a TV series was announced by HBO in March 2020.

Although everything looked good on paper, there was still a great deal of skepticism. Game adaptations are often very disappointing. One of the problems that usually arises is that creators struggle to find a balance between satisfying fans of the game and reaching a new audience on the other hand. For example, the game makers faced the near impossible task of correctly translating the visually overwhelming game onto the screen. Something they went through with flying colours, because the series is really a feast for the eyes and you also have an idea with each set whether it was taken directly from the game. Then of course there is another point that can lead to the failure of this series; casting. Fortunately, the appointment of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey is a turning point. The two were on Game of Thrones and although they didn’t share a scene, the two have tremendous chemistry. And fans of the game can also have fun, because many actors from the game have been allowed to return.

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What sets this series apart is that its creators certainly did not choose the safe path. For example, the series is not entirely loyal to the game Naughty Dog. Now you can terribly cut your fingers with this, but it turns out to be a positive here. And how! Mazen and Druckmann managed to add more depth to the characters from the very first episode. We see one of the best examples of this in the third episode, which focuses on the relationship between Bill and Frank. The version here still ends in tragedy, but there is a dark, romantic edge to it. It only adds to the tragedy and despite the bold choice to stop Joel and Ellie’s story early on, it’s another draw. As far as work is concerned, we have to conclude that he is less affluent from work than he is now. The focus is more on the survivors and how they are trying to find their feet in the new world. In addition, it ensures that everything comes out twice as violent as the infected appear.

Extras: As you might expect, plenty of bonus material can be found in the 4K UHD release of The Last of Us, which notably comes without Blu-ray (which is often unnecessary).
Inside the loop (49:35) In each episode, a kind of behind-the-scenes look is given, with a lot of attention to where certain things are in the bigger picture.
· Controllers Off: Adapting to the Last of Us (12:00) An interesting feature that follows the journey from console to screen through various cast and crew members.
· The Last of Us: Stranger Than Fiction (24:00) Experts in this feature join the cast and crew in a fun discussion about the reality of such an outbreak as the fungal epidemic seen in the series.
· From levels to live action (12:00) Watch how the series manages to fit favorite moments from the game into the series.
· Ashley Johnson Spotlight (02:30) A look at the actress who voices Ellie in the game, who is back here as Ellis’ mother.
get to know me (15:37) Four traits that many of the cast members discuss about their characters; Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandridge, Nick Offerman, Murray Bartlett, Pedro Pascal, and Bella Ramsey.
Is this our last line? (07:52) Two fun features in which the actors are tested for their knowledge of the show.
· Another interview with Troy Baker (31:57) A series of videos in which Troy Baker, who voices Joel in the games, sheds light on the series.

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The Last of Us – Season 1 4K is one of the most impressive game mods ever and definitely one of the best series right now! The great thing is that the makers of the series have succeeded in making the series attractive to both the fans of the game and people who have never played the game. The series is very visually appealing and the acting is also top notch, but even so the writing in all its layers is the star of the show. If you haven’t given yourself a show yet, you can wholeheartedly enjoy it, because this series hits the mark on all levels. The big thing now is what season two will bring us. The Last of Us Part 2 is expected to be the baseline, as they’ll make a huge leap in time. Also, Druckmann has already indicated that the sequel contains more than one season’s material, which opens the doors to multiple seasons. Anyway, it seems certain that Bella Ramsey will be back. How and what after this question. Strikes in Hollywood confirmed at the moment that recordings had come to a complete halt. So there is no choice but to be patient. The truth is, the first season is an exhilaratingly good start to a series with a lot of potential. As fans of both the game and the series, we can only hope the sequel lives up to everything we already know.

thanks for the First day MPM in Warner Bros. Inc. Home Entertainment Benelux for the review copy.

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