The "Kaag effect" was hailed by the international media

The “Kaag effect” was hailed by the international media

Calls in Germany picture The D66 result, the “big surprise” for this election. The newspaper reported that the leader of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, must now cede his second position in Parliament to the party Van Kaag. picture He also indicated that, according to expectations, “three extreme right-wing parties” together would get 27 seats in the House of Representatives. “A clear increase compared to 2017.”

Prime Minister Marc Rutte’s party remains the largest in the Dutch elections, but the left-wing liberal D66 party wins hard, Belgian headlines VRT NWS online. “Rutte wins the election for the fourth time in a row with his VVD, so he is almost sure he will remain prime minister,” it seems on the news site, which concludes that Root and Cage seem to be the “big winners.”

The BBC reporter says Kaag appears to have drawn left-wing voters behind her with her “open and optimistic” vision. Online broadcaster shares a picture of the D66 leader sitting at a cheerful table surrounded by his party members. The Thierry Bode Democracy Forum also performed better than expected, according to the BBC. They campaigned to end the lockdown. It was the only party that organized demonstrations during the pandemic.

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