The Jesuit order is banned in Nicaragua, where the government wants to confiscate the property

The Jesuit order is banned in Nicaragua, where the government wants to confiscate the property

The Society of Jesus or the Jesuit Order should be closed in Nicaragua. The order has been illegal in the South American country since Wednesday, the Associated Press reported. All the belongings of the Jesuits are confiscated. In the forfeiture order issued on Wednesday, they were alleged to have failed to declare their taxes properly. It has raised its voice against this order.

University of Central America

The decision comes a week after the government ordered the closure of a Central American university in Nicaragua at the behest of the Jesuits. The government argued that the agency was a “hub of terrorism”. The order denied the charge in a statement last week: “This is a government policy that systematically violates human rights and aims to consolidate an authoritarian state.”

The decision is based on the actions taken by the government of President Daniel Ortega. At least 26 universities in Nicaragua have been closed since December 2021 and their assets have been confiscated in a similar manner. In April this year, the Vatican closed its embassy in the country and two sister congregations were expelled from the country.


The government has so far banned 3,000 NGOs and citizen groups. Thousands of people have fled the country after protests in 2018 were violently crushed. According to Ortega, the demonstrators, with support from abroad, staged a coup attempt.

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What is the Jesuit order anyway?

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits), to which the new Pope belongs, is with It is the largest denomination of the Roman Catholic Church with about 19,000 members. Although the Superior General of the Order is sometimes referred to as the Black Pope, the Order has never produced a Pope.

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