Rinus 'VK' Van Kalmthout hits Indianapolis circuit ...

Rinus ‘VK’ Van Kalmthout hits Indianapolis circuit …

Van Kalmout started seventh, but was already determined after qualifying. “I only have to overtake six,” he said with a wink. He made that promise on Saturday, exactly five years before Max Verstappen won his first Grand Prix.

VK is the third Dutch winner of a race at the Indy Car, the American Formula One Championship. Earlier there were victories for Robert Turnbus and Ari Luentijk.

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At the Indianapolis Road Round, not the famous Oval, former Formula 1 driver Romain Crosjeen took second and Alex Palo third.

The Van Kalmtwood team, Ed Carpenter Racing, had good pit top tricks. The Dutchman was ahead of his rivals, Grosjean, Balu and Scott Dixon, in about twenty-five rounds before the end of the match. They all changed their tires on both laps, allowing Van Calmthout to take the lead on the new fast rubber.

It was almost exciting when it started to rain lightly, but the rainfall was low and VK was able to finish with a big presence.

With the win, Van Kalmtwood advanced to sixth in the championship stages. Dixon is in charge. In the coming weeks, drivers will be getting ready for the Indy 500 on Sunday, May 30, one of America’s biggest sporting events at the Indianapolis Oval. Last year, Van Calmouth surprisingly started fourth and finished twentieth.

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