Mascha Feoktistova (aka Beautygloss) has bought a house in America

Mascha Feoktistova (aka Beautygloss) has bought a house in America

Mascha Feoktistova has been one of the biggest beauty YouTubers in the Netherlands for years under the name Beautygloss. He was one of the first Dutch bloggers and YouTubers, which did him no harm. He is also now an entrepreneur, selling, among other things, very handy planners. Personal life is also going well: Mascha and her husband Gregor have been a couple since high school and have been married since 2017. It’s no secret that both of them want to come to America and we regularly see it in his vlogs. Today he shares good news with us: they bought a house in America!

Mascha and Gregor buy a house in America

Both regularly visit America, and they don’t hide it: they love the country. There are so many possibilities, it attracts her. They are now parents to daughter Mila, and the girl is allowed to travel with them. The family stayed in the US for a short time as they investigated the possibility of buying a house in the US. Yes, they won! Today, Mascha posted a photo of her winning the house purchase on Instagram. Cream House is based in Orlando (Florida) and they are MEGA happy.

“We bought a house in America! God what a dream 🙌🏻 We are so thankful that this is possible and our dream come true. The ‘white creamy’ vacation home in Orlando is now officially ours 🥹 I still can’t quite feel it, but it’s true. If you want to see a tour of not only our own vacation home, but also the place we rent out to others who want to enjoy life there, check out Vloggloss vlog 2770 (and if you want to see what you see before we bid, our first time at home – vlog 2762, great to watch again! ). We were so happy to see how excited everyone in the comments was/was about this house, and we had already purchased it online. But you feel that he is. We are mega mega thankful for all the support and we are in a position to do this 🔥”

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Want to see how it came about? Mascha says more about it in his latest vlog:

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Mascha Feoktistova (aka Beautygloss) has bought a house in America

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