'Trade agreements required for a playground with China'

‘Trade agreements required for a playground with China’

Trade agreements with China and other regions are more successful than actively looking for alternative trading partners near China. Steven Brockman, professor of international economics at the University of Cronington, says in PNR Boycestigen and de Wijk. Especially now that trade agreements are higher than agreements related to import tariffs and customs facilities.

Themes such as property law and working conditions are gradually becoming part of a consistent review of trade agreements, Brockman says. This is a much more effective route than trying to get around China via a fast growing country like India. ‘We disagree with many of the things China does: if you want to do business in China as a company, you have to get down to a joint venture, you have lost your knowledge. Then the way of deals is better. ‘

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Rob de Wijk of The Hague Institute for Strategic Studies says one of the main goals should be to create a major sports field. Above all, the EU excels. The EU has a majority of trade agreements, which are now one step ahead: they are still geopolitical: it is no longer about one per cent economic growth, but about bringing together like-minded countries politically. ‘

Trade contracts ricochet

Making the House of Representatives aware of the importance of such trade agreements is now the next necessary step. ‘With that you create a barrier against countries that are in trouble. The Chamber should not deny trade agreements with Canada and South America because chlorinated chickens come from the United States, so to speak. ‘Arendt John Poegestigen talks about a poisonous compound. The ‘left’ has difficulty in the ‘markets’ and the right is concerned Sovereignty Thoughts. ‘

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This is a kind of diplomacy that the House of Representatives does not understand enough, Brockman fears. Canada is the best example of a country where you have to conclude a contract as a matter of priority. ‘You want to use the elements in the agreement with Canada where the House of Representatives has difficulty building a fist against a country like China; You can tell China: Do not complain, we have included these elements in the agreement with Canada. ‘

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