The fate of 168 migrants raises diplomatic tensions between Spain and Mauritania

The fate of 168 migrants raises diplomatic tensions between Spain and Mauritania

The reception of 168 migrants caused diplomatic tensions between the Mauritanian and Spanish authorities. The migrants, believed to be Senegalese, have been awaiting their fate for days on board a Spanish Coast Guard boat after being intercepted in the Atlantic Ocean, 150 km off the coast of Mauritania. Neither the Mauritanian police nor the Mauritanian navy allowed the boat to dock – despite repeated Spanish requests – Spanish newspaper Country.

Among other things, the destination of the patrol boat, in which the migrants have been since they were intercepted at sea on Thursday, is said to have caused confusion. The boat will initially sail towards the Canary Islands with twenty agents on board. But the Spanish Ministry of the Interior denied this. Due to a diplomatic deadlock, the ship is now anchored in the Gulf of Nouadhibou, near Mauritania. according to Country The situation on board was tense and the Spanish agents had to fire in the air to restore calm.

Authorities in both countries have been in touch on the matter in recent days. according to Country There was hope within the Spanish government on Monday that the situation would be resolved “within a few hours”. But that hasn’t happened yet. Local Mauritanian authorities have been working with Spain for years to prevent migrants from trying to reach Spain’s Canary Islands. Since 2009, the northwestern African country has been receiving ten million euros annually for logistical support. The route north along Mauritania is a common route for migrants to reach Spanish territory.

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