The facilitation will give the United Kingdom a "Happy Monday", and Hong Kong is also relaxing

The facilitation will give the United Kingdom a “Happy Monday”, and Hong Kong is also relaxing

A selection of developments surrounding the Coronavirus from abroad:

  • In the United kingdom A number of Corona mitigations went into effect on Monday. The British no longer need a good reason to leave their homes, and they are allowed to congregate outside in groups of six from different families. The possibilities for outdoor sports have also been expanded on this day, which British newspapers have renamed Happy two. The number of new positive tests reported daily has decreased in recent months in the United Kingdom, which is Europe’s leader in vaccination. More than 30 million Britons have so far received their first Corona prick.
  • Also residents Hong Kong Get more freedom of movement. Health Minister Sophia Chan made the announcement on Tuesday, Reuters news agency reported. Beaches and pools may reopen from April 1. Movie theaters and theme parks may use 75 percent of their capacity, now it’s 50 percent. Travelers from abroad do not have to go into quarantine for three weeks but two weeks from now on. The bathrooms and the catering industry, among others, will remain closed.
  • in a Mexico The death toll from the Coronavirus is likely to be 60 percent higher than what has been recorded. This came, according to a report published by the Ministry of Health on Monday, according to international news agencies. This report estimated the total number of Corona deaths as of mid-February at 294,287, based on an analysis of the excess deaths in the country. This number differs from the deaths reported daily, which shows a total number of 182,301 deaths over the same period. The ministry has yet to say how many will be used in the future.
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