Summary of actions: The lockdown continues, and the curfew begins at 10 pm.

Summary of actions: The lockdown continues, and the curfew begins at 10 pm.

Swimming lessons will likely be allowed again after March 15th.ANP photo

All current measures will be extended until April 20, including curfews and visiting restrictions:

Curfews and visiting restrictions

From Wednesday March 31, curfews are in effect from 10 PM until 4:30 AM. Earlier, the curfew went into effect at 9 pm. And because it stays light for longer, the curfew is an hour late. Shops selling food items can remain open from that point until 9:45 PM.
Excluding students and teachers who pursue practical lessons and adult education in the exam year from the curfew.
– Receive a maximum of one person daily at home.

for travel

Stay home as much as possible.
– Negative overseas travel advice will be extended until May 15th, unless travel is really necessary. This also applies during the May holidays.
In April, the Cabinet will begin test trips abroad to investigate how the Dutch can safely return for a long-term vacation.

Starting Tuesday, March 16, the following changes will take effect, which will remain in effect:

Swimming lesson

Swimming lessons are possible for children up to the age of 12, until they can obtain an A, B, or C diploma.

Shopping by appointment

– When appointment shopping applies to stores where there may be two customers per floor or one customer per 25 square meters. All that at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. There may be a maximum of fifty customers in a store at one time.
– The rule still applies that people must make an appointment at least four hours in advance and that the store operates at intervals of at least ten minutes.


Adults aged 27 years or over are permitted to exercise outside in sports facilities with a maximum of four people. The conditions are that they keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Up to the age of 26, it was already allowed to play sports in sports facilities, in a team without maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters.
The municipality can offer more possibilities for organized sports outside of sports facilities.

Theoretical exams

On site, exams and theory lessons can be organized again with the aim of driving or maintaining transportation. This only applies to people who need it to practice certain careers or for specific companies.
– People who have been imposed an educational procedure to improve their driving behavior can take a theory test again.

The entry ban has been expanded

The entry ban applies to travelers from countries outside the European Union. The exception list for this has been temporarily suspended for a number of groups. These exclusions apply again. This means that the following groups are allowed back into the Netherlands: business travelers, students, highly skilled immigrants, professionals from the cultural and creative sector, and long-distance enthusiasts.

Visiting arrangements for nursing homes

If nursing home residents are vaccinated, there is room for two visitors per day. This can also be different visitors during the week.

for travel

The UK flying and docking ban will be lifted. The British variant of the Coronavirus has already spread in the Netherlands, which is why this ban has no added value. The rule is no longer in effect from Tuesday, March 9 at 00.01 AM Dutch Time.
Current test obligations for travelers from the UK will still apply, as will urgent quarantine advice.

The expected dilution will be canceled due to high pollution figures. However, perspective is presented in other areas:

high education

From April 26, higher education institutions that regulate self-exams will be able to provide physical education one day per week. This is only possible if pollution figures allow for this and educational institutions can offer students a self-test.

Access test

Steps towards organizing events are also being taken with access checks. This will be introduced from May. Test streets are now being prepared for this. De Jonge cited the events of the Fieldlab trial, including Biddinghuizen and Ziggo Dome, as an example.

KNVB Cup Final

Hugo de Jonge kept the option open as the public could be in attendance at the KNVB Cup Final, despite the current coronavirus measures being extended until April 20. Ajax and Vitesse will compete for the trophy on Sunday, April 18th in De Quebec.

The next press conference will be on April 20th when it will be clear what will change since then.

Mark Rutte and outgoing Health Minister Hugo De Jong together arrived at Catshuis.  Photo of the Environmental Protection Agency
Mark Rutte and outgoing Health Minister Hugo De Jong together arrived at Catshuis.Photo of the Environmental Protection Agency

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