The dictator's sister Kim: America has wrong expectations about dialogue |  abroad

The dictator’s sister Kim: America has wrong expectations about dialogue | abroad

The United States is deeply concerned about the weapons programs of the North Koreans, who have tested missiles that can reach parts of the mainland United States. Former US President Donald Trump himself spoke about this repeatedly with dictator Kim, who, in turn, wants to lift the severe sanctions imposed on his regime. The consultations did not lead to a breakthrough and the talks were suspended for some time.

The North Korean leader said last week that preparations should be made for both “dialogue and confrontation” with Washington. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan called the statement an “interesting signal” and said the United States would wait for the North Koreans to contact them again to discuss how to move forward in negotiations between the two countries.

wise thinking

This reaction appears to have gone badly in Pyongyang. The sister of dictator Kim Yo Jong said in an official statement that Americans appear to be guilty of wishful thinking and misinterpreting her brother’s remarks. I predicted that the United States would be heading for great disappointment as a result.

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