US election reform proposal stalls in Senate

US election reform proposal stalls in Senate

Correspondent Marieki de Vries says the Senate vote on the election law shows how “totally divided” American politics is. “The Democrats say they are introducing this bill to save democracy and protect the basic rights of minorities. Republicans, for their part, believe it jeopardizes the integrity of the elections. So they are vehemently opposed.”

By noting fraud, Republicans are also following in the footsteps of former President Trump, says de Vries, who made baseless and unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud in the world after last year’s presidential election.

Georgia Electoral Law

On the same argument of fraud, Republicans amended Georgia’s electoral law in March, which included stricter requirements for identifying voters by letter and no longer allowing voters in rows to provide them with food or water. President Biden call The law in Georgia is “nothing but a punishment designed to dissuade people from voting.”

Election reform is important to President Biden. Shortly before the vote, he tweeted about the bill. Biden urged senators to vote for him and “send it to my office.” He said the law “reforms and strengthens” American democracy.

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