“The criminal case against Trump for influencing the election results will begin next week.”

“The criminal case against Trump for influencing the election results will begin next week.”

Trump at a campaign rally in Iowa on Saturday.Reuters photo

Attorney General Fanny Willis, who has spent two years investigating whether former President Donald Trump and his cronies broke the law by trying to tip the 2020 election in the US state of Georgia in favor of the Republicans, has begun, according to CNN and others. New York times next week with her case before a grand jury.

Republican politician Jeff Duncan, former president of the Georgia Senate and lieutenant governor, was called as one of the potential witnesses. He told CNN on Tuesday that he will make a statement under oath behind closed doors.

I will definitely answer all the questions that are asked to me. To me, this is a story that Republicans and Americans alike need to hear. “Leave the truth and nothing but the truth about the actions of Donald Trump and the people around him,” Duncan said.

George Sheedy, a freelance journalist who was also summoned, announced via the platform formerly known as Twitter X that he is also expected to appear before the grand jury on Tuesday. Experts expect this case to result in several charges against the suspects.

A spokesperson for Attorney General Willis has not yet responded to the report.

After losing the 2020 presidential election, Trump has sought to change the outcome in the swing state of Georgia. There just over eleven thousand votes fell. On January 2, 2021, as president, Trump personally called Brad Raffensperger, the top election official, to ask him to “find” these votes for him.

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