Critical Polish news channel may continue broadcasting due to Dutch license

Critical Polish news channel may continue broadcasting due to Dutch license

Polish news channel TVN24 has obtained a Dutch broadcasting license. This will allow the channel to continue broadcasting in the European Union, even if Poland decides not to renew the local license, parent company Discovery wrote. Declaration.

The survival of the last channel in the country to criticize the government is in danger. Last week, the House of Representatives passed a controversial amendment to the media law. If the Senate also approves, non-European companies will no longer be allowed to hold a majority stake in Polish media.

The Polish government says an amendment to the media law is necessary to prevent foreign influence through the media. Critics describe it as a way to limit press freedom.

does not solve the problem

TVN’s license expires at the end of September. “If the Polish Broadcasting Board does not renew the license, the Dutch license will allow us to continue broadcasting on TVN24 in consultation with Polish and European legislation,” wrote Kasia Kelly, President of European Discovery.

Kelly asserts that the channel continues to fight against the Polish government. “It doesn’t solve the problem we have with the new media law,” Kelly says. “The future of TVN and press freedom in Poland are still in danger”.

Discovery announced legal action against the Polish government last week. According to the media conglomerate, the new legislation violates the bilateral investment treaty with the United States. US Secretary of State Blinken had earlier expressed grave concern about the law.

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