Tesla is now on sale with Bitcoin in the United States

Tesla is now on sale with Bitcoin in the United States

  • CEO Elon Musk says Americans can now pay for a Tesla with bitcoins.
  • Later this year, customers outside the United States will also be able to pay with digital currency.
  • Tesla keeps the bitcoins it receives as bitcoins, so they are not exchanged for traditional currencies.

Americans now have the option to pay with bitcoins at carmaker Tesla. CEO Elon Musk announced this via Twitter.

Customers outside the United States must wait a while before purchasing branded electric cars with crypto currency. Musk says the process will be followed later this year.

Earlier this year, Tesla announced its intention to adopt Bitcoin as a means of payment. The auto and technology company itself has invested $ 1.5 billion in digital currency.

Musk has now announced on Twitter that the company will receive bitcoins as bitcoins. So the company does not want to exchange them for traditional currencies.

Over the past year, the value of bitcoin has risen sharply in terms of fit and openings. At the moment, the site’s statistics show that the coin is worth eight times more than it was a year ago. CoinMarketCap.com.

The widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies plays a role in this. For example, more and more professional investors are investing in Bitcoin.

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After Muskin’s announcement, the value of Bitcoin has risen again. By the end of Wednesday morning, Bitcoin was trading at just over $ 56,000.

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