Roberta (ex-Finnord) surrounds good exchange: 'Start feeling it slowly'

Roberta (ex-Finnord) surrounds good exchange: ‘Start feeling it slowly’

Nigel Roberta is on the moon by converting to American DC United. He still thinks it’s exciting, but the striker is looking forward to the new adventure that awaits him. Roberta will sign from Major League Soccer Club from Washington until Thursday 2023.

Roberta is making a one million euro move from Lewesky Sofia to DC United. He has spent the last two seasons in Bulgaria and has managed to implement ‘The American Dream’ with seventeen goals in 38 league games. “I’m slowly starting to feel it, I’m now with my family in the Netherlands, so I think it’s getting more and more so day by day,” Roberta told me. Football PrimoryeShortly after DC United confirmed the transfer.

Roberta did not walk overnight for the DC United selection. Not only does he choose a new club, but he also chooses a living environment that is completely unknown to him, in which the family is far away. That didn’t stop him from falling. “It’s not an easy decision, America is definitely a little different from Bulgaria. Going to my family was easy for me, but I’m definitely happy with the move,” the 23-year-old striker said.

‘The American Dream’
D.C. United’s interest did not come from the blue for Roberta. “They already registered last year, so it was clear to me that they really liked me. I have no doubt, but I say: America is a little different, so I thought about it,” Roberta said.

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“I never went to the United States. You see other things besides the fact that DC United is a great club. Time difference, for example. I was alone in Bulgaria too, but it’s different. Stay with my family for only two days to fly. It’s the choices you make in life. , I totally support it. It’s different there, but I’m going to try to do the same things there as I did in Europe. “

Roberta on Bodov Plovdiv on March 7

MLS is no longer a small competition. Sladen Ibrahimovic starred as Heaven in the LA Galaxy, Wayne Rooney starred in DC United, Alexandre Pato and Nani (Orlando City), yet Kelvin Leertham completed a domestic transition to hyper-ambitious Inter Miami this week. David Beckham. “The league has been growing in recent years and you can see more players going into Major League Soccer,” Roberta said.

“The plan they have is definitely appealing to me. More and more people from Europe are looking at MLS. The owners of DC United are also owners of Swansea City. If I could do better in the United States, I could join Swansea. That’s definitely something I’m thinking about,” he admits.

Kenneth Vermeer, Eloy Room, Michael van der Werf, Vitto Wormcore, Johann Kappalhoff, Jack de Vries, Sylvester van der Wauder, Jகாrgen Locadia, Danny Hossain, Guy Koranic, Leertham and now Roberta are the twelfth league. “I’ll see first what’s best for me. It’s nice to have more Dutch people come here. It says something about American competition.”

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Still, he could stay in Europe. Swedish Malma FF was also interested. . DC United is back. They had already registered for the summer. So I took it very seriously. I had already pointed out that in the summer I was open to a new step, and Levsky knew it. It was waiting for the right offer and my contract will expire next summer. “

Roberta is preparing for his move to the United States in the Netherlands. The transplant is subject to clinical examination. “I have to wait for my visa and I think it will take three weeks. Until then I will try to keep myself fit. I hope I can arrange it soon.”

Roberta vs. Matijs de Lict, Ajax A1 – Feynord A1, April 12, 2016

Before moving to SC Camper, Roberta played an erudite game for Feyenoord. He has not yet considered returning to the Netherlands in the future. “For me it’s important to go full speed in DC. Let’s see what happens next.”


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