Taco Bell wants to fund expansion in the Netherlands with an NPEX grant

Taco Bell wants to fund expansion in the Netherlands with an NPEX grant

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Fast food chain Taco Bell wants to expand the number of branches in the Netherlands. The franchisee now operates eight restaurants in the Netherlands. At least four branches must be added in the next two years. The company is raising funds for expansion with a visit to NPEX, a Dutch stock exchange for growing companies.

Franchisee T Bello Netherlands started a few years ago with Taco Bell restaurants in the Netherlands. With branches in Eindhoven, Breda, Rotterdam, Amersfoort, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Arnhem and The Hague, the company was now profitable.

According to Barto Holmann, director of Dutch restaurants Taco Bell, the numbers so far show that the Dutch love Mexican tacos and burritos. We measure this by the success of existing affiliates. You see potential for growth with Taco Bell everywhere.”

Hulleman is under the impression that there has been an increased demand for fast food lately. The original American Taco Bell is also trying to differentiate itself from other fast food chains with various vegan options on the menu.

To finance expansion in the Netherlands, the company is issuing a bond loan of up to €2 million via NPEX at an annual interest rate of 11 percent. Meanwhile, the minimum registration amount has already been exceeded. This means that the release will go ahead anyway.

T Bello Netherlands is owned by the British company MSHA. He operates more than a hundred Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants in the UK and Malaysia. MSHA guarantees the bond loan so that interest and repayment will not be jeopardized in the event of any setbacks.

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