Karlijn Koel en Willemijn de Jonge

Svoll’s success in the United States again: This short film won prizes

After a shower of prizes for the Zwolle film Quarterlife Cruisers, a film from the city of Hanseatic was again an international success. Game Über won the award for short film at the Garden State Film Festival in the United States last weekend.

At the film festival in New Jersey, the award for Best International Comedy Short Film with a Game Über film was presented to director Phoebe Parsen. Karlijn Koel also received a Best Actress nomination from Zwolle.

Taxi driver

The 15 minute short film is about Daisy who started working as a taxi driver in an online taxi service. She learned that her first client, businessman Esther, had an unusual end goal. In the Netherlands, the film will premiere at the Limburg Film Festival from April 21 to 24.

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Gift rain

Leading actors Karlijn Koel and Willemijn de Jonge could not believe their luck because they had already won international awards for their performances in the film Quarterlife Cruisers. The short film will also be screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in May. “Not normal, this is really unbelievable,” the women said earlier.

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