Roger Taylor dedicated royal honors to Taylor Hawkins

Roger Taylor dedicated royal honors to Taylor Hawkins

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Queen drummer Roger Taylor was cremated Wednesday night. The 72-year-old musician may call himself the Commander-in-Chief of the British Empire and pays this tribute to Taylor Hawkins, the drummer of the late Fu Fighters last weekend.

Taylor is considered one of Hawkins’ best teachers. The Fu Fighters drummer passed away unexpectedly on Friday at the age of 50. The band toured South America and canceled the remaining shows.

Taylor Hawkins was hailed after the ceremony as “Sunshine in human form” and “one of my best friends”. He also told the British media about the relationship between Hawkins and Roger’s son Rufus Taylor. “Both of our families were very good friends,” Queen Drummer said. “I still can not deal with the fact that I will never see him again.”

Taylor and Hawkins have also worked together several times. For example, they were both part of the SOS Allstars drum band during a live earth concert in London in 2007.

They also worked together to complete the song Holy man From Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, who appeared on Record Store Day in 2019. In addition, the Queen was featured on the drummer album Get the money By Taylor Hawkins & The Cottail Riders.

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