Stolen art pieces confiscated from the New York Museum |  Currently

Stolen art pieces confiscated from the New York Museum | Currently

Authorities have recovered at least 27 artifacts stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The combined value of things is 13 million dollars (more than 13 million euros). Artifacts from Rome, Greece and Egypt have been found stolen and will be returned to their countries of origin.

according to New York timeswho is reporting the seizure, the artifacts have been removed from the distinguished Met Museum during three separate house searches in recent months.

Eight of the seized items were purchased directly from Italian Gianfranco Becchina. He owned an art dealership in Switzerland until it was discovered in 2001 that he was illegally trading art.

Although the museum acquired the art long before Bekina’s illegal practices were exposed, experts say the museum should have assessed the looted art as such in recent years.

The museum says it has fully cooperated with the authorities’ investigation. “The standards for collecting artworks have changed significantly over the past few decades, and as a result policies and procedures are constantly being revised,” the museum said.

Next week, celebrations will be held to return the herds to Italy and Egypt.

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