SK Beveren wins the celebration match against Helmond Sport

SK Beveren wins the celebration match against Helmond Sport

The start of the 1B competition is fast approaching and every team would like to finish their preparations on a positive note. SK Beveren has already done this.

SK Beveren welcomed the Dutch Helmond Sport Championship on Fan Day today. She won 2-1 so she can start with peace of mind at the start of the competition in 1B.

SK Beveren dominated the start of the match. However, it was Helmond Sport that came close to the opening goal, but SK Beveren keeper held. The Austrian SK Beveren striker, Maderner, was very active. He had a number of chances and in the end he got injured. After a corner kick, he headed the ball towards the goal and the home team took the lead.

SK Beveren and Helmond Sport still had chances, but no more goals were scored in the first half.

Helmond Sport emphatically went looking for an equalizer and that was also successful through Sanusi, who balanced the plates. Helmond Sport increased the pressure and had a number of very good chances. Then the moment came for SK Beveren.

It seemed that the match ended in a draw, but in the 80th minute the hosts advanced. Buus Jacobsen found Hoggas and kicked with the inside of the foot bone dry: 2-1.

For example, SK Beveren wins the party match and looks ready to start competing.

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