Simone watched the volcanic eruption in Iceland from her window: ‘The sky is on fire’

Simone watched the volcanic eruption in Iceland from her window: ‘The sky is on fire’

The authorities had been fearing an eruption for weeks. Nearly four thousand residents of Grindavik were evacuated on 10 November as underground activity in the area increased sharply.

Big earthquake

Simone initially thought her friends were joking when they called her with news of a volcanic eruption. She had felt a major earthquake and had been warned about it for months, but it came as a surprise to her.

The Dutch woman is a fan of big volcanoes and runs a travel agency in Iceland. Right after the eruption, she wanted to get as close to the volcano as possible. The darkness and weather made this difficult, so she ended up staying in Reykjavik to capture images of this natural phenomenon from the city.

Even approximately forty kilometers away, the eruption was clearly visible.

“moderate enthusiasm”

A volcanic eruption in Iceland is nothing new. On average, there is an eruption every four to five years. Generally ideal for volcano enthusiasts like Simone, but she noted that there was “moderate enthusiasm” this time around. “There are also thousands of people who had to leave their homes,” she says.

Although the houses are not buried under lava, there is a large crack in the middle of the village. Grindavik residents will also not be able to return home for Christmas. “It makes my heart a little sad,” Simon says.

A place with a view

According to the photographer, it is rarely noticed by tourists and residents of Reykjavik. I noticed that people there, for example, are looking for a place with a nice view. “It’s also amazing.”

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You also hope to see the volcanic eruption from a little closer. At the moment, the area is only accessible to emergency services and, since yesterday, to the press as well. If the weather permits tomorrow, she’ll try it.

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