Should cyber attack become our cyber security?

Should cyber attack become our cyber security?

In cyberspace states are trying to disconnect from each other. If it succeeds, for example, with a major cyber attack, it could lead to severe social disorder in the affected country. Americans have recently taken a new path in the field of cyber: continuous engagement or attack cyber activities. Attack is the best defense, it is considered.

Should cyber attack become our cyber security?

Does this really prevent the enemy from launching a cyber attack against the United States? When is it fair to launch an attack cyber activity? What does all this mean for the Netherlands and the EU?

You can hear it in this chapter of De Stratech. Guest ‘Cyber ​​Keys’, D66 Member of Parliament Keys Verhoeven.

And contributions to this chapter Luke Bason, Of the Hack Center for Strategic Studies. He wrote A sheet Continuous engagement.

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