Spotify attacks two of America’s largest employers for exclusive podcasts

Spotify attacks two of America’s largest employers for exclusive podcasts

You can now listen to exclusive Spotify podcasts from two of America’s biggest bosses, Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama.

There will be no podcasts in 2021, but this week SpotFi makes it even clearer. The streaming platform has been investing heavily in podcasts for some time. For example, SpotFi has already acquired podcast companies Kimlet Media and Anchor FM, and the Swedish company has already won several major podcasts. Exclusive, The main example is the Joe Rogan show.

Bruce Springsteen is my Barack Obama

Now there are two more big names. It can’t get any bigger. One has been around for decades The boss Called by his music, the other actually ruled America. Of course we are not talking about anyone other than Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama.

Both employers have their own show on Spotify called from this week Renigates: Born in the United States. The first two episodes of the series, which have a total of eight episodes, are already being asked for free. Even if you do not have a premium subscription.

For that you have to use the Spotify app because you can only listen to the show on that streaming service. Podcast enthusiasts who were still optimistic that the open market would continue may shed a tear again.

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Megadell met Spotify

Back to Springsteen and Obama. Both have rich lives full of adventures and experiences. They will share these in a series of sober and intimate conversations, however they are not ashamed of the Spicer lessons. They talk about “race, fatherhood, marriage and the state of America.”

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The podcast did not come out of the blue. It is a product of Michael and Barack Obama’s production company Higher Ground, which, in addition to the originals for Netflix, has also signed a deal with Spotify. Last summer had already come Michael Obama Podcast From. According to Spotify “the biggest Spotify original show ever.”

Incidentally, that exclusive podcast later came to other sites, so there is more hope if you want to hear through your own podcast app. Spotify can already rub its hands on any occasion: it is almost impossible for Obama and Springsteen to bring down the biggest Spotify original at the same time.

Watch the first episode and trailer below. Yes, when you are in it: don’t forget to try Springsteen’s latest album. Massive.

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Spotify attacks two of America’s largest employers for exclusive podcasts

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