How far after the Khashoggi report?  "The United States and Saudi Arabia need each other."

How much more after the Kashogi statement? ‘US and Saudi Arabia need each other’

The CIA’s report on the assassination of journalist and dissident Jamal Kashoghi was clear: the final responsibility lies with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The reaction of the Saudi Arabian authorities is equally clear: it rejects the findings of the report and insists on the action of the autonomous group of convicted individuals.

However, the MBS, as it is also known as the Crown Prince, is behind the assassination, but Washington is currently cautious about personal sanctions, such as national sanctions or the freezing of accounts of those involved.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has barred 76 top Saudis from entering the United States, but “MPS is not one of them,” US correspondent Marike de Vries concluded. NOS Radio 1 News This morning.

According to Rob de Wijk, professor of international relations at the Center for Strategic Studies and the University of Leiden, these sanctions have nothing to do with it. “This is one of the most well-known sanctions for annoying people, like China or Russia. It’s annoying for the person involved, but it shows that you do not agree with them, but it’s mostly index.”

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