Russian convoy now 60 km north of Kyiv |  Abroad

Russian convoy now 60 km north of Kyiv | Abroad

The traffic jam of army vehicles north of Kyiv does not seem to be preparing for the drive to the Ukrainian capital itself. The Russian government has repeatedly stated that this military intervention is not aimed at occupying or occupying territories. Troops should not move to towns that do not have specific targets. Some observers may see preparations to encircle the capital. Russian forces are also active around Kharkov, the country’s second largest city, currently targeting only the suburbs. Pro-Russian militias in the southeast of the country have surrounded the port of Mariupol. The encirclement of Kyiv should force the government to make concessions there, for example during peace negotiations.

Other observers see the arrival of reinforcements and heavier equipment in the army’s vehicle file. The soldiers called up on Thursday would not have been able to achieve the stated goals. Since 1979, Russia has conducted almost all major military operations with special units, local militias or mercenaries. But the attack on Ukraine is one of the entire armed forces, including conscripts. And they would be less enthusiastic, relatively lightly armed, and quite surprised by Ukraine’s fierce opposition.

And there were several severe explosions on Monday in Kyiv.

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