Rumor has it from the US: Ajax and PSV are competing for the Schalke Bright spot.

Rumor has it from the US: Ajax and PSV are competing for the Schalke Bright spot.

Ajax and PSV focus on Schalke 04 striker Matthew Hop. This was announced by Grant Wall, a well-known American journalist who has worked for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports.

According to Wall, Ajax and PSV ‘entered the race’ for Hop’s arrival. The American top talent (20) is also interested in various top clubs in the UK and Germany. They see their chance, and now Schalke is on the edge of the abyss.

Hope is a scattered bright spot in Kelsenkirchen this season. He made his debut for Schalke at the end of November, gaining a permanent base after the start of the year. The highlight was the home game against Hoffenheim: Hop then led Schalke to his first win of the year with a hat-trick. Hop scored in the two games that followed, but then dried up for nine games.

Last month, Hope signed a new contract until mid-2023. Schalke selected a twenty-year-old American from the Parsia Academy in the United States two years ago. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The disconnected Bundesliga final must make eleven points, so a miracle is needed.

Klaus-John Handellar’s team player at Hope Schalke. Due to injuries, the former Ajax striker played only eleven minutes in the match, but acts as a mentor within the selection. “I learn from everyone on the team, but especially from him,” Hope said recently. Game 1. “We see together the points I can improve on.”

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