Roderick Veelo: “Why don't we sympathize with American voters more often?”

Roderick Veelo: “Why don't we sympathize with American voters more often?”

Yesterday was Super Tuesday in America. The day many Americans choose their presidential candidate. Trump is running for the Republican nomination. Would it be a disaster if he became president again? Raymond Mens, Roderick Veelo and Sofie van den Enk discuss this in Op1.

Sophie van den Enck says Biden's presidency is going very well. “The economy is doing well. They have to admit that even on Fox News inflation is good. Stock markets are high and unemployment is low. Seeing what he has achieved in an incredibly fragmented landscape is simply impressive.

Roderick Veelo strongly disagrees with this. “The statistics are correct. The biggest problem now is illegal immigration. According to the American expert, Biden should have sought more connections.

“He didn't do anything different,” Van den Enck replies. Why is Trump not attracting voters? “There are those who are beyond reason.”

“Biden Starts at a Big Disadvantage”

Now that Super Tuesday has taken place, Biden begins the election with a huge disadvantage in the eyes of men. “Because migration is a big problem. It's a mess at the Mexican border. The economic figures are really good, the men agree. “But people don't feel that way. There are also concerns about his age. Even among own party members. As a result, he starts with a huge disadvantage.

While incumbent Biden is busy with his re-election campaign, his predecessor, Trump, has been thrust back into the Oval Office. And it causes division. Not just in America, but around the world.

Moves in the American electorate

The President of the United States is often considered the most powerful person in the world. So it's only logical that people outside the US have an opinion about it. Yet we need to look at American elections through an American lens, argues Wheelow. “Ultimately, it's about those American voters.”

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Why shouldn't we sympathize with the American electorate more often, asks an American expert? “These are people who feel abandoned. They've voted Democratic in previous years. Leftist voters. They're very disillusioned. It's a problem for Democrats. They're just as responsible for Trump's re-election as Republicans. That's why we're dealing with populists. We're seeing it in Europe.

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