The Trente Tone Podcast: Friday the 13th: Bloody Horror with a Trente's Touch

The Trente Tone Podcast: Friday the 13th: Bloody Horror with a Trente’s Touch

Just outside Ruinen we find the hamlet of Hees. ‘Three farms were originally there: Achterhees, Middlehees, Voorhees. Farmers with charcoal names: Court, Hilbert, Albert, Wessel. Beat girls like Altje, Marritje, Jannetje, Hendrikje. And there was Cort’s son, Steven. He went to America. He came from the Voorhees farm and was the father of fifteen Voorhees children,’ writes Willem Mains in his newsletter.

On Radio Trente’s program Trente Tone he continues: “The main character in this Friday the 13th, a series of movies, the new chapter will be released soon. His name is Jason Voorhees. That name was not chosen by chance. The Voorhees family came to America over 400 years ago from Trente, Ruinen. Those guys did a good job. They have permeated all spheres of life. Steven had fifteen children, and there are now at least eight thousand families in America called Voorhees—pronounce it “Voorhees,” and another few thousand, at least three thousand, Voorhees or VanVoorhees, Voorhees, etc. It’s such an obvious name, so common and so common in America, that the producers of that movie found that, you know, we call his knife-wielding man ‘Jason Voorhees’.”

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