Rock Nation's Best Man Inter - Football News

Rock Nation’s Best Man Inter – Football News

Romelu Lukaku is now known as a champion producer. ‘A big deal’, they would say in the US. This is what they say at Rock Nation Sports International, which oversees athletes’ media relationships. Showpiece Lukaku of the Rock Nation.

After Lukaku became champion with Inter, Rogue Nation took to social media. “Rome has made many sacrifices for this,” said Michael Yormark, president of the Rock Nation. HLN. “He pushed himself out of bounds.”


So there is nothing but praise for Lukaku. “He put football first. Romelu has worked very hard for this. Whether you are talented or not, you have to be an athlete. Success has not come that way. He has shown everyone that in the last two years he is one of the best footballers in the world. He inspires me and his perseverance. , The pursuit of greatness is often not seen. “

Looking forward to that first title in a great match was long overdue. “I think he will have many topics to follow.” The Champions League is the next stage. “He won Serie A, the Champions League will be another goal. And … he will win in the future. The best has yet to come. Such a thing does not happen overnight. “

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