[Aangeboden door visumbuitenland.nl] Do I need a visa to travel to Canada or the United States?  Yes, but you can do a lot in I.Jesselstein too!

[Aangeboden door visumbuitenland.nl] Do I need a visa to travel to Canada or the United States? Yes, but you can do a lot in I.Jesselstein too!

More and more people are applying for visas as they travel to faraway places. For example, a Apply for ESTA If you are going to travel to the United States on your schedule anyway. Are you going to visit their northern neighbors? You will be called one eTA Canada To be arranged. Of course these are two beautiful countries, but you can see your destination very closely. You do not have to take a visa. This way you can even have a better place, for which you do not need to get a visa at your own residence. I.Jesselstein has a lot of fun to do, while you would not have done this.

Become a Clown or Acrobat at Circus Tada without a Visa!

At Circus Tada you can become a real circus star, you can also perform in all kinds of countries like USA and Canada. The circus offers all kinds of fun workshops for companies and schools, while a full circus day is possible. For example, you can attend a workshop that teaches you how to balance, but you can also learn the tricks of diabolics, acrobatics and / or juggling. Enough to do of course at Circus Tada, it’s in your own city! You will find the circus at 4 Schonauwen in IJsselstein. It has been active for over 20 years and now offers workshops and circus days, so Circus Tada will definitely give you a fun day too.

You will not find a flour mill like De Winter in the United States

Flour Mill de Windowater can be found on Wacket 73 in IJ Cellstein, so not in Canada or the United States. Although not all mills in our country are in use yet, this is the case in D-Winter. It still produces flour every day and you can buy it at the mill shop. Many people find that traditional flour tastes better than store-bought flour. The dough made by D. Winter uses the Pannenkoenhuis de Rosebum, where you can enjoy a delicious meal at I. Jesselstein. Winter is extra special because it is one of the largest windmills in the Netherlands. The plane is not less than 26 meters. It’s definitely worth a visit!

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Expertise about your hometown at the Museum IJsselstein instead of Canada

Sure you can go to a museum about Canada or the United States, but isn’t it so much fun to learn more about your hometown? At the Museum IJsselstein you can learn the history of the old city across the river without a visa. Panorama Riverland can also be found here, which is the painted landscape of the central Netherlands. You can also climb the beautiful sixteenth century fort tower. In addition, you can visit the tower room as well as the prison. You can also see the changing exhibition at the Museum IJsselstein. Among other things, photos will be used for this. You can visit the museum at Wacket 2-4 in I.Jesselstein.

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