Robert De Niro attacks Donald Trump again

Robert De Niro attacks Donald Trump again

American De Niro, who has often criticized Trump, says: “The political situation in my country is crazy and ridiculous. We have completely lost control.” “I see the Trump phenomenon, the phenomenon of people who don’t oppose him, people who should know better… They are causing a lot of anxiety in the country and a lot of fear. I feel it since he came to power. The scene – even after he becomes president – says the actor. “He seems like a bad father ruling a family, but it’s not just one family, it’s the entire country.”

According to De Niro, Trump, who was president of the United States from 2017 to 2021, is not a good leader. “One of the most important tasks of a leader is to take responsibility for leadership. Even when the masses are moving in a certain direction, you have to lead them on the right path. This requires integrity, knowing what is right and what is not right.” “And knowing what you stand for. He does everything he can so he can take charge. He just wants to have power. He has no moral compass.”

Therefore, De Niro believes that Trump, one of the most important Republican presidential candidates in the upcoming elections, should no longer be elected after his defeat to Joe Biden in the previous elections. “The crazy thing about Trump is that if he had a brain, he could be president again. But he doesn’t care, he’s done stupid things. He’s someone who should never be allowed near leadership in this country again.”

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