Robbie lays flowers for his missing mother in “Nocturnal Animals”

Robbie lays flowers for his missing mother in “Nocturnal Animals”


Raven drives the car and sees Robbie standing with flowers in his hand. “Are you waiting for your appointment?” The announcer asks. “I'm not waiting for my appointment, I'll drop him off at this place. My mother's missing.” Raven wants to hear more about her and gets out of the car. “My mother was reported missing fourteen years ago. She was last seen here, in this place next to yours, and I always leave flowers there.

Ruby's mother is Marian Koesters: a missing persons report shows Raven. There is a high possibility that she was liquidated, but her body has not been found to this day. “What can you say…you can never get over this,” says Robbie, who has his mother's name tattooed on his face. “I'm going to put a bouquet now and try to commemorate her, but you can never actually process it.”

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Marian was reported missing on January 14, 2009. The period around this date is always a difficult time for Robbie. “Little sleep, too much stress. Your head is full of: Where is she now? Is she still there, or is she not there anymore?” Raven and Ruby stand at the spot where she was last seen. “Here on the right was the walking area on the streets of Groningen. It has now been closed. “My mother was a prostitute.”

“So it's also possible that she went with the wrong client,” Raven says. “It might be possible,” Robbie confirms. But her best friend, and also her colleague, was also eliminated. This will be the same man. Police have suspects in mind. “But if you don’t have a body, you can’t make anything solid.”

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