Robbert Rodenburg wants to make a documentary about coming out

Robbert Rodenburg wants to make a documentary about coming out

“At an early age, I had a feeling that I didn’t quite fit in. At 13, I had the idea that I was different from my friends,” Robert recalls. He grew up in the village of Bergambakht. “I felt like my interest wasn’t in women, but in men. Naturally, some people in the church have an opinion about that. And it hurts that this part of this community doesn’t approve of you.”

Robert, known for his web series, now lives there Open the card in Open house, in Amsterdam. “I hated the moments when I had to return to my village,” he says. “I felt like the black sheep there.” Robert lost his friends and always felt there were rumors about him in his native village. “I’m seriously thinking about doing something about it, maybe a documentary or a series. I don’t know exactly in what form yet, but I really want to do something with it.”

In the documentary or series, the media creator wants to investigate “where this pain comes from,” he says. “It’s a closed chapter, but somewhere it’s still a catalyst. I wonder why this exclusion still makes me so angry every time and why I still feel anxious about it.”

In addition to making a documentary, he also seems to have other ambitions, he believes Prince Charming To provide:

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